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SOI Company

 Pottery Barn  (2016)


The Soi Company is a Northern California based company that sells scented soy candles. 

  • Tools

Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Role

Production Designer and Packaging Designer


Diffuser Packaging

For this project, I had to design a packaging for a diffuser based on an existing candle collection. I used already existing patterns but I selected the size, placement and simplify some of the complex patterns. I chose to put a full color band at the bottom to make the patterns less prominent. I also simplify the label by switching from a serif to sans-serif font and simplified the tag shape.


Photoshop Production

For this project, I had to change the product in an existing picture. The only asset I had was the old picture and since the product was smaller I had to manually recreate some of the background using the cloning tool and some brushes.