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 Pottery Barn  (2016)


As a Production Artist for Pottery Barn, I worked with the creative team to make sure colors, types and files were ready for press.
I also worked on some creative projects.

  • Tools

Illustrator Photoshop

  • Role

Visual Designer and Production Artist


Aquamarine Packaging

For this project, I helped the lead designer select parts of a bigger pattern and reworking them into Photoshop. The idea was to preserve the sensuality of the pattern's curves by simplifying greatly the initial image. The pattern was also cut-off and I had to extend it through Photoshop. I worked on the golden lines placement and quality of the line.


Glitter Skull Tag

For this project, I used the imagery of the Dias de los Muertos and their decorative skull. I was first looking for a simple and discreet pattern.
In the end the pattern overcrowded the design so I switched to only have the shape of the skull with some emboss and varnish in the eye and a gold foil for the name of the product.


Emily + Meritt Tag

For this project, I designed different handtags for a potential partnership with Emily and Meritt. The idea was to keep the Emily and Meritt brand spirit while integrating it to the Pottery Barn Standard. I choose a dark blue to remind of the Blue Jean (which is present a lot in the Emily and Meritt's branding) and some gold foil type to match the Pottery Barn Style.