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Emerge Studio (2016)

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Emerge Studio is a full-service design studio for the City College community, providing high-quality communications pieces for a broad range of projects and services. Its portfolio includes web sites, apps, posters, brochures, marks, ad campaigns, and exhibits for all areas of the college. The studio is staffed by advanced design students, working with a team of faculty advisors in an advanced Studio Practicum course.


This project was a two colors poster for the 15th City College of San Francisco fashion show. This event is the biggest event organized by the university. Sponsored by several companies, it showcases the works of fashion students to professionals, providing them with an opportunity to earn scholarships. The theme for this year was Prism and the client insisted on showing the diversity and class of the fashion world.

  • Visual Strategy

For this poster I used kaleidoscope imagery to relate to the theme and show the wide spectrum of fashion. I traced different images of model in different poses to create a symmetrical pattern. I used the typeface "Avant Garde", widely used in the fashion world, to add a touch of modernity and elegance. I chose a warm grey and a blue to push this idea of elegance even further.

Alice in Bookland

The project was a full color poster for a fine print exhibition of "Alice in Wonderland" organized by The Book Club of California. I used a real event to do a version of the poster as a student project.

  • Visual Strategy

I wanted to preserve the imagery of Alice in Wonderland, because I think it is highly recognizable, but also have elements that tied into books in general. For this reason I chose the blue used in the Disney version of the story, and also a recognizable silhouette of Alice with the dress and the long hair. I made the silhouette mid-fall because Alice falling down the rabbit hole is a very strong image for people who are familiar with Alice universe. I added books to convey the idea that the exhibition was not entirely about Alice in Wonderland but also about fine print


All The Way

The project was a full color poster for Robert Schenkkan's play All The Way. The play is about the political changes made by LBJ after president Kennedy’s assassination. It focuses heavily on depicting President Lyndon B. Johnson's efforts to maneuver members of the 88th United States Congress to enact, and civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr. to support, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The play takes its name from Johnson's 1964 campaign slogan, "All the Way with LBJ."

  • Visual Strategy

For this poster, I decided to draw inspiration from the propaganda and political posters of the 60's. I also wanted to generate a patriotic feeling to convey how people fought together for the Civil Rights Act.