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Chocmat Halev

Chochmat Halev (2015 - 2017)


This project was a complete redesign of the Jewish community Chochmat Halev's website.
The goal was to attract more traffic to the website and implement new features to facilitate donation.

  • Role

Project Manager, UX designer and Front-end Developer

  • Visual Strategy

For the website, our team decided to choose warm and earthy colors paired with blue color, which is significant in the Jewish religion. We also chose a theme centered around imagery with a lot of white space to create an invinting experience.


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  • Process

Surveys, Personas, User-need mapping, Competitive Analysis, Card Sorting, Site Mapping, User-Flow, Information Architecture, Low-Fidelity Wireframes, Branding, High-Fidelity Prototype, User-Testing, Deployment

  • Tools

Illustrator, InDesign, Balsamiq, Invision, Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3

  • Measure of Success

Six months after deployment of the new website, the non-profit raised around a thousand dollar which was a significant increase of their usual donations. We also had a satisfaction survey and users were very satisfied with the new design.


Simplifying the experience

The original website had a very complex architecture which made the navigation very difficult and non-intuitive. In order to rework the architecture, we did a comprehensive competitive analysis and card sorting so we could come out with this new site map.

The client also wanted to add several features to their website, the main ones being online commerce, music streaming and event management. To make sure the new features were consistant with the experience we did low-fidelity wireframes and user testing.

Branding accordingly

When we asked the client to describe their community, they talked about joy, faith, dancing, warmth and open-mindedness. Color symbolism is important in the Jewish religion so we wanted to keep the blue in the color palette but we wanted to add earthy colors to give a trusting and family feeling.