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California Bird Records Committee (2016)


For this project I took over an older project started by a former intern at the Emerge Studio. The California Bird Record Committee (CBRC) asked our studio to redesign their website but leave them the ability to edit and maintain it with minimal codinq skill

  • Role

Project Manager, UX Lead

  • Visual Strategy

The main focus for this project was to develop a highly intuitive user experience for people who were not used to navigating websites on an everyday basis. To achieve this, we developed an interface design with large text and bold buttons. We simplified the navigation and redefined the architecture.


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  • Process

Personas, Competitive Analysis, Card Sorting, Site Mapping, User-Flow, Information Architecture, Low-Fidelity Wireframes, Branding, High-Fidelity Prototype, User-Testing, Deployment

  • Tools

Balsamiq, Sketch, HTML/CSS, Javascript

  • Measure of Success

The website met the client requirement and was launch on time. Thanks to the redesign the website met the Google's accessibility standard and the website was referenced again. 


Understanding The Audience

This website target a very specific audience. Most of the member of the association are not tech savvy and has a very limited use of the Internet. The CBRC goal is not to attract more people in their association but to meet Google's accessibility criteria and encourage people to report their bird sighting so they can keep their database up to date.

In order to understand this audiece we tried to represent the variety of bird watcher that could use the website to report their sighting.  We spent a lot of time doing user flow to make sure our structure was the simplest possible.

Working with devlopers

This project was conducted with a team of ten peoples: five designers and five devlopers. As a project manager and UX lead I had to make sure the communication between the two went well. After working with low fidelity wireframes and prototypes, the designer team made clear specs for the devlopers to follow and implement.