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Blue Amber


Blue Amber is an Art & Craft created with another Graphic Designer: Fatima Saadulah. Together we create jewelry and magnets inspired by different cultures and traditional patterns. We both own an online shop the we managed and we have both design the identity, the website and the patterns used in the jewelry.

  • Role

Co-Owner, Visual and production Designer, Web Designer


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  • Process

Research, pattern design, pre-press preparation, jewelry assembling, branding, web design

  • Tools

Illustrator, Photoshop

Pattern from all over the world

Blue Amber goal is to explore the different traditional patterns that are found in cultures all over the world and give a modern spin to it.  We translate our fusion of cultures in the form of playful, beautiful and colorful designs on jewelry and accessories.  Each pattern has been researched and rework in illustrator, then printed from a local print shop. 

Web Design

Our website is build on a Squarespace platform and customize with some CSS3. For the site, we choose to highlight the colorful pictures that we took for the product. We choose a color theme based on the blue color and the amber color.

For the typography, we wanted fonts that stay feminine, modern and elegant. For that reason we picked the sans-serif Josefina for the main typeface. It's is a very legible typeface that borrowed the art-nouveau quality of the well-known Kabel typeface. For the display typeface we choose Alegrya that has a decorative yet elegant side.



The name Blue Amber comes from a mix between English and Urdu words. In Urdu, Amber means sky. For the logo, we wanted something simple and elegant. We looked into typographic logo and did several iterations before designing the one that we picked. The logo reflect the geometric quality of the pattern we work on. By choosing a very rounded typeface to combine the b and the a, we had the elegance and the attractiveness and the elegance of the circle.